Chapman University Responds to Neighbor Concerns


What do you think about Chapman University expanding? There has been a lot of buzz about Chapman University’s plans to grow. Check out their response below!


Following a Meeting with Old Towne Preservation Association Leaders, Chapman Officials Say the University Will Suspend Processing Its Specific Plan Amendment Until 2016 or Later, Form Neighborhood Advisory Committee and Take Other Positive Steps Toward Mitigating Neighbor Issues


ORANGE, Calif., August 26, 2015 – Following a meeting with Old Towne Preservation Association (OTPA) leaders, Chapman University officials have announced that the University will suspend processing its Specific Plan in order to spend more time working with organizations and neighbors to refine it.  Chapman expects to submit revisions to its plan in 2016 or later.  The University will reach out to Orange City Council, the Mayor of Orange, OTPA, the Orange Barrio Historical Society, the Orange Chamber of Commerce, other interested local groups, and supporters and critics of Chapman to forge a working partnership that will benefit the future of both the City and the University.


Chapman President Jim Doti and Chancellor Daniele Struppa met with OTPA President Sandy Quinn and other members of the OTPA board on Monday, August 24 to listen to their concerns and suggestions. “It was a highly positive meeting,” Doti said. “Chapman University wants to work closely with the city and our neighbors, and we sincerely want to be a good neighbor ourselves. I’ve always felt that when there are challenges, it’s best to meet face to face and talk them out.  This meeting was a great start. Going forward, we welcome more input from our neighbors as we form an ongoing Advisory Committee and work further to mitigate neighbor concerns. “


The initial steps Chapman will take include:


  • ·         Postponement of the formal filing of Chapman’s next Specific Plan Amendment.  Based on advice from community leaders, Chapman will continue its ongoing plans for more on-campus housing (more students living on campus will result in fewer students living in off-campus housing, thus mitigating noise and traffic concerns).


  • ·         Formation of a Neighborhood Advisory Committee that meets regularly and that the University hopes will include members of the Old Towne Preservation Association, the Orange Barrio Historical Society, representatives from the Mayor and City Council, the Orange Chamber of Commerce, and outspoken critics as well as supporters of the University, so all views can be heard.


  • ·         Creation of a single University point-of-contact for neighbors to simplify and clarify the process of communicating with the University.


  • ·         In order to share the ideas and results coming from the Advisory Committee as well as other activities, Chapman will enhance its communication with neighbors.  The University will increase the frequency of its “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” newsletter (mailed to all nearby neighbors), and will create a new website focused on neighbor communication.  Use of social media to communicate with and respond to neighbors will also be improved.

“Chapman University has been a proud and contributing member of the Orange community since 1954, and we value our role in the City and the region as an educator, employer and economic driver,” said Doti. “Chapman is committed to partnering with its neighbors and friends to respond to their concerns and to build an ongoing successful relationship.  In the end, we are all in it together.”

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