Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The newest kind of sweet shop just opened up in our awesome OTO community: hand-crafted ice cream, with a twist, at à la minute! Every cup of yummy goodness is made to order, so it’s always fresh, using local ingredients when possible and a touch of liquid nitrogen (*gasp!). They strive to have a 100% organic base for their ice cream; you can even taste it! à la minute first opened back in March of 2012 in Redlands, CA as a way to reinvent the concept of ice cream as well as support local businesses in the surrounding area. We’re sure their new location in Old Towne won’t have a problem finding local ingredients…Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market anyone??

We just had to stop by and taste-test their secret. The shop features gorgeous wood floors, hand-written menus, and interesting works of art along with catchy, upbeat tunes. The menu itself is quite spectacular, including combinations like “Beet & Goat Cheese”, “Avocado”, and “Olive Oil Vanilla.”  The shop will also feature special flavors now and then so check back often to see what new concoctions they’ve come up with!

a la minute menu

A la minute is located at 117 N. Glassell St. Be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, and website for more information. Welcome from all of us in Old Towne Orange!


Last Updated on April 5, 2016 by IHOTO Staff