Urth Caffe Orange is finally here!

Urth Caffe in Old Towne Orange

Urth Caffe in Orange has finally opened in Old Towne Orange at 100 W. Chapman Ave.! Yes, it is true. You might have noticed new tables, chairs, and umbrellas lining West Chapman Ave or the bright neon “Urth Caffe” sign hanging on the southwest corner of the Plaza. That’s because the long-awaited opening was this past Monday and I couldn’t wait another week without stopping in to see what the buzz was all about.

The news that Urth Caffe (pronounced “earth” caffe) would open in Old Towne Orange was announced in mid-2016… and again two years later in 2018, created a lot of controversy about whether Urth would EVER open.

During last year, Urth hit some major construction problems with the existing skeleton of the building, setting their opening date back further and further. But hey – the opening day has now arrived!

This week, I got to take a visit to Urth Caffe, try some of their signature meals and drinks, and have one of the first ever #UrthOrange experiences in history.

Let’s jump right into how my Urth experience was, how the food tasted, and the recommendations I have for your first (or next) trip to Urth Caffe.

Urth Caffe Parking in Orange

Of course, parking is going to be the first small challenge of your Old Towne Orange Urth Caffe adventure – and the exciting opening of the cafe isn’t making parking any easier.

I’d recommend using your previous Old Towne Orange parking knowledge (back lots, two loops around the circle, etc) or the new parking structure. If you’re a Chapman student, use the Dodge College parking structure!

If you’re just picking up, you might be able to stop quickly on the side and jump out.

The Line

Okay, there will probably be a line. If you are an Urth fan, you know there is usually a line outside of the Laguna Beach Urth Caffe and this will be no different.

When I drove by Urth Orange on their opening day, the line was almost down to Starbucks… so be prepared for a small wait.

BUT LUCKILY, they are very quick and my order was taken while I was in line! Just make sure you have enough time for the FULL Urth experience!

Our best tip is to order ahead via their website. When you get there – just go to the app/mobile order pick-up line. There might still be a line – but it’ll be much faster!

The Service at Ruth Caffe

The line will flow pretty fast because Urth is a counter-service restaurant and they have servers running food to your table.

The drinks got out right away, the food arrived shortly after, and the bill is already taken care of before you get your food. This way, you can head out when you’re done. Loved it!

However, if you’re there and there’s a line – there might be a wait. Even if it’s just coffee. Urth is very popular!

Old Towne Orange Urth Caffe Menu

Urth Caffe at the Orange circle offers all day brunch as part of its menu offerings, with items like the D’Lox Toast and Banana Walnut Waffle.

More items on their menu include: pizza, sandwiches, salads, lunch entrees, soups, and side dishes.

Their drink menu includes espressos, iced coffees, blended ice drinks and shakes, teas, boba and juice.

Of course, they are also well known for their pastries. During the holidays, you’ll want to place your pie requests early because they sell out quickly.

The Food

Let’s start with the drinks. I feel like Urth Caffe is semi-known for their drinks, especially the green tea boba. I ordered my green tea boba blended with oat milk and no sweetness – making it a dairy-free and sugar-free drink. It was delicious!

I also tried the Rumi Boba, a turmeric, cinnamon, maple syrup and oat milk blended drink. These both were awesome and paired nicely with my meal!

As expected, the food was amazing! As usual in my Old Towne Orange restaurant reviews, I ordered a meat option and a fully vegan option.

I got the Falafel Platter, which is the signature Paradise Salad with hummus, falafel, pickled carrots, and pita bread (by request) on the side!

So delicious. This was entirely vegan – as even the cheese was made from soy!

For a meat eater’s entree, I ordered the Panini el Diablo. This panini comes with grilled cilantro chicken breast, Monterey jack cheese, and thinly sliced jalapeƱo.

This entree is definitely for those who like cheesy AND spicy! The panini also came with a walnut spinach salad in a tangy dressing which was a nice pair with the spicy sandwich.

The Official Old Towne Orange Rating

I have to give Urth Caffe 5 stars for the outstanding evening. Urth Caffe offers a breakfast menu full with egg dishes, breakfast bowls, breakfast burritos, juices, and smoothies.

Their lunch and dinner menu offers salads, pizzas, sandwiches, and more. They offer menu items that will satisfy a gluten-free and vegan diet (including vegan desserts!)

We are so excited to have Urth Caffe in our home of Old Towne Orange. Be sure to stop by to give them a grand welcome. We cannot wait for our 2nd visit! Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you around towne.

Urth Caffe Hours
Sunday – Friday: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

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