The Whiz Kid: A Stay-at-Home Dog’s Best Friend!

the whiz kidYou’ve got to love a fresh home business. And, when it’s for man’s best friend, well that fits in to its own special category for the dog-lovers of the world! I think this new business that a friend of mine is starting up is a fantastic idea! Even more than that, it’s the perfect idea for a place like Old Towne Orange. The woman behind the business is Kari Hartkorn, lover of not only her own best friends, but everybody else’s too, especially those needing homes!

Her great concept is called The Whiz Kid and it was born from her own experience of being a single-mother to 2 adorably furry kids, with a full-time job. Kari is like many people that I know who are complete doggie fanatics and would do anything for their beloved animal companions. In Kari’s case, she paid her sister to stop by her house every day in the afternoon to take her kids out to go potty, give them a snack and a little lovin’.

Kari’s goal with starting The Whiz Kid is to reach the people in Old Towne Orange that need her type of service, but can’t afford the high cost of hiring a dog-walker. If you find yourself sitting there thinking ‘this is exactly what I need,‘ then you’ve got to call The Whiz Kid. There’s 2 shifts to choose from, either from 12-2pm or 3-5pm. Kari will whiz in and out of your home giving your pooch the same opportunity! She’ll also give your furry friend a couple of squeezes and a treat. She’ll even upload a photo on Facebook to let you know your pooch is safe and happy!

Kari’s other job is Event Marketing for Best Friends, so basically, she’s helping our lovable friends 24/7.

Services through The Whiz Kid are $7/visit or $25/week (for Monday-Friday whiz visits). You can schedule your doggie pee breaks by emailing [email protected]. You can also get more information on The Whiz Kid by visiting their Facebook page¬†¬†HERE.

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