Rainy Day Activities in Orange

Are you stumped on things to do when it’s raining? With all of the rain forecasted in the coming week, the activities we’re used to doing outside aren’t so fun anymore. So, we’ve compiled a list of enjoyable, and dry activities that you can do alone, or, grab a friend to enjoy the indoors together.

In light of the New Year, there is no better time to clean out your closet. So, use the upcoming rainy days to purge your closet of old fashions and worn out clothes. Once you’ve cleaned your closet, you can check out some local shops in Orange like Nectar, LaurenlyCoco Rose, or Joyride to refill the missing spots. Start out the New Year with a clean closet and fresh wardrobe.

Rainy days are the perfect time to spend time in the kitchen baking up a storm. Find some delicious recipes online or fall back on a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe. Whatever it is, baking is a fun, inexpensive way to spend your rainy day. You can click on the image below for a delicious peanut butter M&M cookie recipe.


Bake some extra goodies so you can share during your movie marathon with friends!

Movie days are the best and rain gives you the perfect excuse to spend all day inside. Catch Colored_Play_Dough_Hup on those movies that you’ve been too busy to see or catch up on your favorite TV series. Better yet, gather up some friends and head to Provisions Market to pick up some craft beer to sip on during your movie marathon.

If you have kids, host an indoor treasure hunt. Leave clues around the house and have them hunt down fun little treats or presents. You can click on the picture below for an easy “how-to” create your own scavenger hunt.

Image result for scavenger hunt

Getting crafty with kids is always fun. Make some homemade play dough and be entertained all day. The fun thing about making your own is you can add your own personal touches and completely customize the batch. Click on the picture below for a quick and easy play dough recipe.


Let us know your favorite rainy day activities! We love to hear from you! Enjoy the rain!

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