New Boba Shop in OTO!

I was shocked to see that another business had already moved into TMilk Boba’s old space. When I entered I was even more surprised to see that it was another boba shop! Ollo Cafe opened its doors this past Friday, an extremely quick turnaround for a business to take over a space. But after talking with the extremely friendly staff, I found out that the same man who owned TMilk owns Ollo Cafe! Ollo is modern, minimalistic, and has a much more expansive menu than its predecessor.

Drinks + Menu

We asked for Ollo’s most popular drinks! We tried their Chapman Milk Tea with honey boba, Black Strawberry smoothie, and Sun of a Peach with diced mango. The Chapman Milk Tea was a traditional jasmine milk tea and we added some honey boba which was delicious. Unfortunately, Ollo currently does not have any milk substitutes so we couldn’t drink too much of this one. The workers informed us that they are working to add milk substitutes as options for us non-dairy folk! The second drink we tried was the Black Strawberry smoothie. The smoothie not only looked cool, but it tasted like strawberries and cream! YUM! The black part of the smoothie was charcoal ice cream which made the smoothie very creamy! Again this drink was very dairy heavy so we couldn’t totally enjoy but, it was very tasty! The final drink we ordered was the Sun of a Peach. We added some diced mango inside for some extra fruitiness. This was so refreshing and something I will definitely order again!

The menu is huge. Ollo Cafe offers smoothies, milk teas, nitro teas, hot tea, a few sandwiches, and a few ice cream flavors. The nitro teas are on tap and are made cold because of nitrogen! There’s a wide selection of nitro teas and the Sun of a Peach was one of them! They also serve charcoal ice cream which is SO trendy right now.

Chapman Milk Tea with honey boba, Black Strawberry smoothie, Sun of a Peach with diced mango (drinks for left to right)


I was immediately pulled into the store after looking through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Ollo is very minimalistic, with all white walls and simple furniture and lighting. There are so many tables, and even a comfy couch and recliner. Before you order your drink you can see canisters holding various tea leaves. Behind the counter, you can see all of the taps for the nitro teas. There are a few board games on the counter where you pick up your drinks so you can play and hang out. I loved how simple the shop was, and can actually see myself hanging out there.


I was so shocked by how knowledgable the staff was. I visited on Tuesday night and the store opened on the previous Friday. There were three workers behind the counter that answered every single one of my questions (and I had a lot, LOL). They were also extremely friendly and patient while I tried to decide what drinks to order and if I wanted any add ons. Ollo offers a lot of add ons to customize your drinks. I opted for fresh fruit and boba, but there are so many more options.

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