Mason Jar Herb Garden Featuring: The Potting Shed by Carlisle

Homegrown herbs can be a tasty enhancement when cooking in the kitchen. In-house gardens are trendy, and it’s quite simple to create. You don’t need outside space or a green thumb to have fresh, organic herbs at your disposal. Did you know herbs can easily be grown using glass mason jars? Say goodbye to ordinary dinners because adding a few different herbs to basic ingredients can transform you into the chef you never thought you could become!

I picked up everything I needed from The Potting Shed by Carlisle in Old Towne Orange. They have an amazing selection of plants, materials, and accessories for many kinds of projects. Everyone there is very helpful and insightful, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. I had extra mason jars at home, but you could use any glass jar you have on hand.

What you will need:

1. Mason jars (or any empty glass jars)

2. Potting Soil

3. Stone, rocks, or anything that can be used for drainage.

4. Fresh herbs


First, place the stones at the bottom of your jars. This is an important step because most glass jars do not have holes at the bottom for drainage. This will prevent the roots from getting waterlogged.


Next, remove the herbs from their pot. The plants I picked up were too large to fit in the jar, so I gently pulled each plant apart from the roots to fit accordingly.

Fill your jar about 2/3 full of fresh soil.  Then, place your plant in the middle of the jar and fill with soil to about 1/2 inch from the top rim.


That’s all!! I couldn’t believe how easy this DIY was to do. I placed my new herb garden near a window in the kitchen. Now I can readily add zest to my dishes and beverages. Be sure the plants get enough sunlight and water them on a weekly basis. There are so many different herbs to choose. The best part is you can use this planting method all year-round!


What are your favorite fresh herbs to use? Would you like having an indoor garden in your home? Let us know in the comment section below!

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