Le Gourmet Kitchen & Cooking Classes in Old Towne Orange

Bruce & JonathanA match made in heaven…yes, it’s true! Le Gourmet Kitchen and Laguna Culinary Arts. Extraordinary kitchen remodeling and fabulous cooking classes. This was a lunch invitation I was not going to pass up. I mean, I need to keep the public informed, right? Well, here’s the story…

Let’s start with this…there’s an amazing duo right here in Old Towne Orange. Their names are Bruce Colucci and Jonathan Salmon. They have a showroom with (oh my) THE most beautiful kitchens. What I’m saying is that you walk in to their showroom and the first words out of your mouth (well, my mouth anyway) are ‘I want this and I want that,’ the wheels in the mind start turning about the possibilities. Ok, so once you come back to reality, it’s highly likely that either Jonathan or Bruce will come out to the floor to say hello. I’m fairly certain that you will connect quite rapidly to either or both of their wonderful personalities. I kinda fell in love with the both of them, very charming indeed! So, before I go any further, my two cents at this point are this…if you are even thinking of updating or remodeling your kitchen, then you NEED to go and meet these gents.

Here’s how they work. Both are general contractors and appliance dealers (a rare combo, indeed!). They are very thoughtful about the actual use of the kitchen, not in general terms, but in how ‘you’ use ‘your’ kitchen. They focus on how your family and friends interact in your kitchen and that’s what guides them through the process. They consider kitchen design an art form, which is where their passion lies and they go out of their way to create unique environments. In addition to that, they are constantly looking at how environmental issues affect us. They are ‘lighting conscious,’ we all know how important lighting is, right? They are also extremely hands-on in creating things that don’t yet exist. They are also very funny, personable and friendly…most importantly, they love food and cooking themselves. This leads me to my next point. The cooking classes!

Le Gourmet KitchenAll right, now that we all know our next kitchen remodel will be handled by Le Gourmet Kitchen, let’s talk about the cooking that will take place in that kitchen. You may be like me and have ALWAYS wanted to take cooking classes. It’s one of those things on your ‘list,’ right? Well, I had NO IDEA that I could take cooking classes right here in Old Towne Orange. Yes, it’s true. If you walk to the back of Le Gourmet Kitchen, there is this amazing open kitchen. It’s kind of like the set of Emeril. This is where the flavorful magic happens through Laguna Culinary Arts. You CAN take cooking classes right in your own back  yard. I will most surely be doing this. In fact, my mother has already signed up for some classes in April. They offer basic, intermediate and advanced classes, ranging from $225 (for 3 classes) – $320 (for 4 classes). Details on what’s offered in Orange can be found by clicking HERE.

I mean, what more can I say. If I haven’t convinced you to go check out Le Gourmet Kitchen then I may have to give up blogging (yeah, right!). Well, you know what they say, a picture says a thousand words, so here’s a few visuals to delight you.

They are located at 541 W. Chapman Avenue, just past the train tracks heading away from the Plaza. Visit their website HERE. They are open M-F 9-5 and Saturday 11-4.

One last thing, which is Thank You to both Jonathan and Bruce for making me such a delicious lunch…Bruce especially for the wonderful homemade pasta…YUM!


I received no compensation whatsoever for this post. I was treated to lunch by Le Gourmet Kitchen and it was my own decision to post this blog. My opinions are my own.

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