I Heart on the Hunt: Holiday Drinks, Treats, and Events

One of the greatest parts about the holidays is how everyone gets so ‘in’ to the holiday spirit, whether it’s neighbors, stores, restaurants, or the community as a whole. Everything becomes more festive and reflects the holiday cheer. There are a lot of restaurants and stores that have special holiday drinks and treats as well as some that are hosting events to join people together to celebrate the season. Most of this stuff only comes around once a hear so take a look and go enjoy before this holiday season is over!

If you’re looking for a festive holiday cocktail then Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen is your place. They have a selection of holiday drink specials that would be perfect for any evening. These drinks include, El Viejo Old Fashioned, Jamaican Mule, and Oaxacan Negroni. They are all made with quality ingredients and taste absolutely delicious.


Bruxie’s outdone themselves this year with holiday treats and drinks. The perfect combination to have a complete holiday meal and they have a few options. For those eggnog lovers, they have two options. They are serving a Seasonal Shake made with Real Wisconsin Frozen Custard and as a very special Egg Nog Latte. If you prefer a different taste, try their delcious Candy Cane Shake for a minty flavor. The big choice in the matter is whether you prefer cold or hot drinks, or you could switch it up and try all of them over the next few weeks while they’re still there. To make these drinks even better, add Bruxie’s waffle called the Holiday Bruxie. It is loaded with oven-roasted pork, sausage and vegetable “stuffing,” fresh apple-cranberry sauce and gravy. This puts all the favorite holiday sides into one giant waffle for a delicious meal.


To continue the holiday treats that can be found in the circle, A La Minute has some tasty flavors and there is one especially for the Christmas season. They have a Gingerbread Custard that can be topped with a Gingerbread Crumble. This is a very special treat that will be hard to find anywhere else. So this year instead of just making your gingerbread houses, you can also try a gingerbread treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.


LinX Artisan Sausage has a meal that will be a favorite for those who count down the days for holiday dinners every year. For a limited time, they have something called “The Turkey Stuffer” that is incredibly tasty and filling. It is a brioche bun, cranberry marmalade, turkey patty, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, provolone cheese, and honey mustard for $10. This way you can have that holiday dinner as many days as you want during December instead of just one.


There are so many great places to go to over these next few weeks to celebrate the Christmas cheer. Hopefully, you can find the time before January roles around and we all have to wait all over again for the greatest time of the year.

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