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Happy Thursday everyone! How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? With the rainy weather earlier this week, it has been difficult to leave my warm home and stay active. Luckily for us, the Old Towne weather forecast says our sunny, 75 degrees Southern Californian days are back for a good week or so. And with that, we want to give you some inspiration for your next OTO adventure!

Coffee is one of our favorite things here in the office. I usually make my first cup of the day at home and rely on one of Old Towne’s many wonderful coffee hotspots for my afternoon pick-up. That’s why this week, we have compiled the I Heart Old Towne Orange team’s favorite places to get their caffeine fix downtown! This list is full of just a handful of the many places you can pick up your next cup of joe right here in Old Towne Orange. Enjoy!

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Sarah – Hello everyone, it’s Sarah! Aside from my typical morning coffee fix, I have been slightly obsessed with trying different kinds of matcha drinks. I had been hearing the buzz about Contra Coffee & Tea for a while, so I had to check it out. Contra Coffee & Tea is a trendy spot that features specialty coffee and tea drinks served on tap! How cool is that? The best thing about Contra is that you can try multiple drink samples before committing to one. Another bonus is that Contra shares their space with 1888 Center, which also has a bookstore. Who doesn’t love a good caffeine fix while enjoying their favorite book?

My favorite drink right now is “That’s My Jam”. It’s the perfect combination of a jasmine green tea and a matcha latte. It’s light, refreshing and not too sweet!  If you love jasmine and matcha, then That’s My Jam will literally become your jam as well.  #RenewYourBrew at Contra today!

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Megan – Megan here! First off coffee is life. Honestly, If you don’t start your day with a big cup of joe, you’re missing out! This week I headed to Provisions to grab something delicious from Portola. Normally I would have my go-to (Vanilla Latte, which I highly recommend), but I was feeling under the weather so decided on the Vanilla Chai Tea. If you’re a coffee lover like me, you can still love a good Chai tea! Especially this one. It was the perfect amount of sweet and savory! Get it iced or hot, I got hot since it was a rainy day but the iced Chai is perfect for a hot day in SoCal! Enjoy and cheers to my fellow coffee/tea lovers! 


Andrea – I love coffee. Like really love coffee. When it comes to my food groups, the only thing I love more than coffee is dessert. Call me basic, but I can think of no other dessert that goes better with coffee than PIE. You all know The Pie Hole serves up a delicious slice but have you ever had their coffee?

Here are 3 reasons why you SHOULD consider The Pie Hole the next time you’re craving a cup of coffee:

  1. Coffee with PIE…duh
  2. The Pie Hole works with Co – Op Run and Family Owned Farms. One of these is Café Femenino, a Co – Op organization that has farms throughout Latin America that is run by only WOMEN. Where my ladies at? 
  3. The blend is a “medium roast that is both classically sweet and complex with an amazing roundness of dark chocolate, notes of dried cherries with a hint of clementine and a sweet subtle spicy lingering aftertaste.” BRB… drooling!

P.S. The Pie Hole also has an extremely delicious nitro cold brew on tap, just in case you were wondering.


Lindsey – If you’re someone who needs coffee to bring you back to life in the mornings, this heavy duty, Big Gulp-sized beauty will have you fully revived and ready to take on the day! Rutabagorz has a plethora of tasty caffeinated beverages to choose from, and for this particular investigation, I tried the Yerba Buena Caliente. This Viennese brew (hot or iced) is a splendid mixture of mint, cocoa, and, if you’re feeling crazy, a generous dollop of whipped cream.

I’m trying to make somewhat healthy choices for 2018 (if you don’t count the bagel and cream cheese I had this morning…oops) so I opted out on the whipped cream, but trust me, it’s just as good without! The mint is a magical touch, and the splash of cocoa will keep you sipping till the last ounce.

Give it a try this week!


Kelly – Oh how I love my coffee. Straight up, I’m traditionally an Americano kind of gal and though I don’t have a photo, I get the best Americano’s at Rekindle Cafe, not in Old Towne but in Orange right at Walnut and Tustin Ave (a fantastic locally-owned business that I highly suggest you patronize). When it comes to Old Towne, however, I was a HUGE fan of Cafe Lucca which is now Pandor Artisan Boulangerie & Cafe and they still make a delish latte. I’m a fan of almond milk in my latte and Pandor serves their coffee up with a sweet bite of their famous OMG Bar, and OMG is it fantastic!

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Marshall – Ever since my first visit to Contra Coffee & Tea a few months ago, I have been slightly obsessed… to say the least. Similarly to Sarah, I enjoy that they allow their customers to sample the drinks before choosing the one just right for them. My all-time favorite drink is the Gold Rush, a Vietnamese blend. It is a flavor unlike anything I have tasted before, and I can genuinely say it is my favorite coffee beverage. I always have to get the large! I also got to try the M C Squared (inspired by Sarah’s love for matcha) thus having enough energy for the rest of the week! Whether you are an Old Towne Orange local or planning a visit soon, be sure to stop by the 1888 Center and Contra Coffee & Tea.

Thank you all so much for reading our staff pick coffee hunt! While you’re here, make sure to check out our friend Kelly’s 10 Italian Coffee Drinking Rules piece. Kelly is from Med Cruise Guide, and we absolutely loved her advice. Thanks, Kelly!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We will see you in Old Towne.

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