DIY…Just Like a Pro!

You may have guests coming over or just want the house to look (and smell!) nice for the summer. Whatever your fancy, be sure to follow these next steps to flower arranging, courtesy of our lovely sponsor The Dizzy Daisy.

First step is to gather your Supplies:

Floral Shears or Floral Knife and 8″ Vase

Step two is the piece de resistance, the Flowers!

Greens                                    Filler ~ Daisies

dizzy daisy flowers 1








Stock, Snap Dragons, Gerber Daisies, and Roses

dizzy daisy flowers 2








Here are some Helpful Hints and Tips:

1. A basic arrangement has a filler flower and 3 main flowers.

2. Rule of Thumb- Your whole arrangement sits 1 1/2 times your vase in height, approximately 20″.

3. To fluff an arrangement, pull up and out to shift flowers and readjust.


* Fill vase with water to neck.

dizzy daisy watering









* Greening: cut leather down to the size of the vase.

dizzy daisy cut flowers







*Make an “OK” shape with fingers and insert greens to fit snug.

dizzy daisy ok sign







Cut stems 1″ below your hand and put in vase.

dizzy daisy cut stems








Trim any leaves that you don’t feel is pleasing to the eye.

dizzy daisy trim leaves








* Flowers: start with filler (Daisies). Place flowers next to vase and cut stems to where you want them to sit in the vase.

dizzy daisy cutting daises









Repeat with the rest of the daisies creating a triangle.

dizzy daisy triangle








Next, using the Stock, cut stems diagonally and place in vase near the lip in-between the daisies.

dizzy daisy adding purple







Continue with Snapdragons. Place in center of the arrangement creating height.

dizzy daisy continue snapdragons







We are ready for the Gerber Daisies. They will be placed higher than the stock, but lower than the Snapdragons, you will use them to fill in any holes.

dizzy daisy adding gerber daisies







Final flower, Roses. Cut tall or short depending where they are needed to fill in.

dizzy daisy adding roses









You now have a spectacular fresh flower centerpiece for your home!

dizzy daisy final pic

 ***Flower Arranging classes are available for all ages!!

Book your class this summer for a girls night out, mother/daughter day, kids class, your club/group, or private lessons! Call The Dizzy Daisy: 714-289-1123 or stop by and visit us: 292 S. Tustin St.

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