5 Gardening Tips For Spring

Spring has sprung and this means it is time to get out there and enjoy our gardens. This week we visited with Jack from The Potting Shed and asked him to share some important tips when it comes to planting your spring garden. Let’s dig in!

  1. The time to plant is now!

The weather has been warm, but not hot, so it is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors for both you and your plants. The big benefit of planting now is that the plants will be able to establish roots before the hot weather hits. Jack notes that when you remove your plants from their containers make sure to gently pull the roots apart so it is easier for the roots to spread out in the new soil to establish themselves. Also, your watering schedule is extremely important to have healthy plants. Make sure you water early in the morning to avoid plant diseases and that the water makes it down to the roots. Use organic mulch around the plants to increase water retention and protection during those hot months. Jack recommends applying no more than 1 inch of mulch around the plants as a best practice.

2. Fertilize.

Right now everything is starting to grow and bloom so it’s the perfect time to boost your plants by providing them with some extra food. Either use your own organic fertilizer or buy some at the store, this is an extremely important step! Jack recommends Dr. Earth products as they are organic and highly effective.

3. Use water-wise plants.

Water-wise plants are a smart choice for garden lovers in Southern California. We have very hot summers, so if watering every day isn’t your thing – but you still want a pretty garden – this may be the path for you. Water-wise doesn’t mean cacti and sand pits, either. Salvia, Moroccan Daisy, Yarrow, and Butterfly bush are just a few water-wise plants that create gorgeous gardens. Jack emphasizes that you can have a beautiful, English cottage traditional flowering garden by planting these. Once water-wise plants are established in your garden they need watering only every 4 or 5 days, with a little more water love on the hot, hot days.

4. Create container gardens.

This is perfect for those of us with limited space or the desire for unique design elements in the garden. Jack suggests creating a focal point, like something tall and spiky (as your focal point) with some shorter fillers and then a plant that spills over the edge of the container. Using three simple components you can make a beautiful arrangement. Did you know that at The Potting Shed they will help you arrange and design a layout that doesn’t exceed 20 inches? Just pick the plants, the dirt and the flowers that you like and have the pros make it beautiful for you.

5. And our final tip for your spring garden… Get to know your plants!

In the morning grab a cup of coffee and walk your garden. Make it your habit to look through the foliage and see if you can find some bad bugs or diseases that hurt your plants. The more often you check on your plants the better you can understand their health.

Now it’s time to get that garden party started. Send us some pictures of your favorite garden spots, we’d love to see and share them this spring!

Jack Carlisle owns The Potting Shed, located at 401 W Chapman Avenue in Orange, California. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for sharing your tips with us, Jack!!


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