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In with the Old! Decorating with Antiques.

It’s the start of March and the wintertide is quickly dwindling down. Since spring will soon be greeting us at the end of the month, we were inspired to write a home decor themed blog post. During this time of year, people are often motivated to clean out the closets in search for a fresh…
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The New Shop on the Block: A Peek in Zae’s Boutique

When we heard about Zae's Boutique opening in Old Towne Orange, we couldn’t be more excited! Amongst the many amazing antique shops and delectable restaurants, having a new boutique on the block was a wonderful addition to the circle. Branching off from their flourishing location in Anaheim Hills, Zae’s Boutique set up shop at 140…
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Last Dash Gift Idea

Ah... the anticipation of Christmas! We’re officially counting down the final days of the season and were just as excited as the little ones. You may have recently woken up in a state of panic because you realized your holiday shopping is no where near done. We’ve all been there, between the holiday decorating,  parties,…
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