In with the Old! Decorating with Antiques.

It’s the start of March and the wintertide is quickly dwindling down. Since spring will soon be greeting us at the end of the month, we were inspired to write a home decor themed blog post. During this time of year, people are often motivated to clean out the closets in search for a fresh start. Organizing the garage and scrubbing behind and under the refrigerator doesn’t seem like the most glamorous task…unless you reward yourself! If you do eventually complete your spring cleaning to-do list, congratulations! Afterwards, celebrate your accomplishments by sprucing up your home with some new interior finds and finishes.

If you’re searching for some new home decor inspiration, you may be surprised to find that we highly recommend hitting the antique stores! Unless you already love hunting for buried treasures throughout the local vintage shops, you may be reluctant to step into a limitless store filled with, well, old stuff. However, finding exceptionally unique items can add the perfect flare and charm to many different interior decor styles. By simply appreciating the yesteryear and historic tales throughout the antiques stores of OTO, you’ll love bringing in the old through the interiors of your home.
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Storing and Organizing –  After all the editing and downsizing you soon will be embarking on, the next step is to organize the remaining special keepsakes. If you’re looking for some stylish ways to store the essentials there’s no better place to find crates, baskets, and bins then in an antique store! We all have items large and small that would look much better hidden in a crafty container. Organize and label kitchen items in glass jars for a uniformed and stylish pantry. For bulkier items such as blankets and pillows, an old fashioned suitcase or trunk makes an excellent hideaway that could also double as a coffee or side table! A great tip is to look for materials such as metals, wicker, and wood which will securely hold your items and give an industrial farmhouse flare to your home.

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Unique Feature Pieces – Have you ever wondered what you could create with the odd historic house parts you always spot in antique shops? Well, there’s actually many ways you can incorporate these unique finds into your home! Make any corner the focal point of the room by arranging vintage doors, windows, and some other of your favorite finds on display. If you’re really feeling creative, you could repurpose these items by turning them into shelves, picture frames, and statement pieces. For an easy DIY, make your window finishes pop with beautiful crystal doorknobs that can be used as an innovative curtain tie back. Keep those eyes peeled! The most unusual finds could be turned into your favorite feature of the house!
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Antique shelf styling –  When we spend endless hours admiring gorgeous home interiors on Pinterest, there’s one thing every room seems to have in common – perfectly styled shelves. It’s 2017 people, and bookshelves are no longer just home to the college classics! Shelf styling is the perfect solution when filling a large space or when you have a blank area to work with. Whether you’d like to spruce up your old bookcase or not sure what exactly to place on those floating shelves you’ve had your eye on, this is the perfect solution! See the inspiration we found online, and learn how to style shelves like a pro with items we found in our favorite antiques in Old Towne Orange.









First, style your shelves by stacking your favorite books in various heights. If you have many books to work with, group them together in similar shapes and sizes. Place them throughout the shelves in vertical and horizontal lengths to add dimension. This is also a good time to start the color coordinating process. We recommend combining like colors throughout your shelves to create a harmonious color flow and effect.

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Next, start layering with larger accessories. This includes pieces like vases, frames of photographs/art, planters, etc. This accentuates exactly how much space you have left for the final step!


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Lastly, top everything off with your favorite knick-knacks. In addition to thrifting, hunt around the house to find items you love that represent your personal style. Display vintage cameras, typewriters, or candles. Really, the possibilities are endless in this department!


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You’d be surprised at how quickly you can put a personal stamp on your humble abode just by seeing the beauty in vintage pieces. Someone’s trash can quickly become become someone else’s treasure with a little imagination. Get inspired! Make 2017 the year of updating your home by adding charm and character with treasures found in your own backyard! Spring into the season with some fresh finds from the past for a major home update.





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