Top 5 Things About Old Towne From My 12-Year Old

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I hope you enjoy this blog written by my son, per my request, as I am currently intern-less. Put the kids to work, I say! These are all his words, I only made very minor edits, and I think he did a fantastic job. I hope you share this with your kids, enjoy!

Hello, my name is Garrett and my mom asked me to write a blog for her. She owns I❤Old Town Orange. This is my top five things in Old Town Orange in the perspective of a twelve-year-old.

#5. Ruby’s Diner. It’s a great place to eat. It has shakes which make it even better. I like to get the chocolate chip cookie dough shake but my sister likes oreo more. It has a lot of foods to choose from and it’s right next to a train station so my family likes to count how many trains will go by, by the time we leave. And we all take guesses.

Rubys shakes

Photo from Ruby’s Facebook

#4. The circle. I like this place because it’s a great place to hang out and play games. Another thing to do there is to schedule meetups if you have a group of friends and you don’t know where to meet up. It has its own water fountain so that’s fun if you like throwing coins and watching water fly.

Photo from City of Orange's Instagram

Photo from City of Orange’s Instagram

#3. The gelato place (Pandor Cafe). It’s a great ice cream place if you like that, and it has its fair share of other treats too. It has a large drink area where they sell bottles of soda and Shirley temples, which is a favorite of my sister.

#2. Big Red Comics. I like the comic store a lot because it has loads of comics and its own pinball machines!!! A little secret about this spot is that it has its own small arcade area in the back (which most adults don’t know about).

big red comics

#1. The Orange Public Library. It’s filled with books for readers like me and has a computer section for little kids and a computer section for older kids. It has a “Teen Book” section and it has a book club. I like reading in the teen book section, and doing homework there is also good because it’s quiet and there are no siblings to annoy you while you’re working.


That was my top five places in Old Town Orange.

Check out my youtube channel UltimateGarrett where I do singing, gaming, and whistling videos.

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  • Kristen Rogers

    Wonderfully written and great examples of where to take my kids for maximum enjoyment. 🙂 well done!

  • Renee Gibbons

    Great job Garrett!!!! I think that some of your favorites would my favorites too! And now I want to go check out the Comic Store for the secret arcade!!
    I think you would make a great add to the blog….maybe quarterly… on what a younger persons interests are!!
    Keep up the great work!!

  • Susan Lindeman

    I love your Top 5, and you did a great job writing this!

  • Kathy Nichols

    Great job Garrett! I think you have a future in blogging!! Will definitely check out your YouTube channel!!

  • Catherine Sutherland

    Great job, Garrett! We would love to meet you at Ruby’s sometime!

  • Marci

    Well done Garrett! You sure know your subject & would definitely influence others to get to know Old Towne Orange! I need to check out your YouTube channel next!

  • Barbara Nolasco

    Garrett, Thank you for writing sucb a great blog that was filled with super good information! You did a great job!

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