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30 Minutes in OTO – Parking Tips!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog! We apologize for the website errors last week, but we are so excited to be back and in full swing with a new blog post. We hope you are having an amazing week in Old Towne Orange. This week, we are starting a new series of posts on the…
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We Heart Summer Concert Season

We <3 Summer for a lot of reasons...but a big reason is because it gives us a reason to get outside on a warm evening and listen to some live music! Find out about the local concerts coming up in OTO!
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I Heart on the Hunt: Big Cat Hunting

Our Buzz Developer, Renee, went on the hunt for the big statuesque cats that are popping up around Chapman University's campus. The stories behind them are actually really neat, and we think you'll like learning more about the amazing art that has become a staple of our local university. The next time you're enjoying a stroll around Chapman University's gorgeous campus, snap a photo of some of the panthers we didn't show here, and post them on our Facebook page! Which panther is your favorite?
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