Great Deals on Clothes Every Thursday

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If you like the sound of Seven Jeans and Jimmy Choo, then you’re going to love what I’m about to say…Seven and Jimmy could be yours for $8. Every Thursday from 8am – 3:30pm, Casa Teresa hosts a re-sale clothing booth at Chapman University. They sell gently used clothing, shoes, accessories and more. You’ll be surprise at what you can find and nothing is priced over $8. Their booth is located ON CAMPUS just across from Wilson Field.

Casa Teresa is a local non-profit located here in Old Town Orange. They provide a home for homeless pregnant women. They currently operate 4 programs, Parenting, Transition 1, Transition 2 and Hannah’s House, their adoption program. Women staying at Casa Teresa are provided with classes 5 days a week. This is a great way to support our local moms and babies in need. SO GO SHOPPING!

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