From My Heart to Yours, New Book Written by Local Orange Author

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Orange local Michelle Zarrin reached out to me recently to let me know about her newly published book (earlier this year), entitled From My Heart to Yours. It’s based on a true story and I just finished reading it. While it’s not a typical read for me, I really enjoyed the heartfelt story. Here’s an overview I pulled from her website:

“Sofia, a young woman from a sheltered upbringing, is in for an unexpected ride when she marries Earl. As their stable union twists unnervingly through health issues, betrayal and shattered hearts, Sofia sheds layers of naiveté, deepening her perspective of life. Beautiful life lessons learned from preschool children may heal her scars; but can they help her to endure the greatest tragedy of all? This story offers a powerful and inspiring journey into the soul.”

book-coverIf you’re in the mood for a fairly serious read with a few lighthearted moments, then you will definitely enjoy this book. Not to mention, should you happen to bump in to her around town, you’ll have plenty to talk about!

Here’s a look at the cover of the book.


You can buy the book on her website HERE or on Amazon HERE.


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