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Taco Tuesday is one of the best days of the week in our book and that’s why we went on the hunt to see what we could find this week. We’ve got quite a few selections right here in Old Towne Orange and plenty more just beyond those borders, and that’s why we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments too as we can only cover so much ground in one day!

$5 All-You-Can-Eat @ District Lounge

$5 All-You-Can-Eat @ District Lounge

I headed over to The District Lounge. I’ve only heard about their Taco Tuesday and never actually been, so I was excited to drop the kids at soccer and run over for a quick bite (no kids allowed in the District, which is why I’ve never dined there!!). Here’s the serious skinny of what you’ll find. First of all, you’ll have to pick yourself back up off the floor when you discover that it’s $5 ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT tacos. What!?! Ok, so not only was I shocked, but I instantly became worried about the quality of these tacos, I’m not gonna lie. My husband was already chowing down and they looked pretty good to me though, so I paid my $5 and headed over to the Taco counter. They serve them up by 3’s and they’re little, like street tacos. I got a fish, carnitas and al pastor. Piled high with some pretty dang good Pico de Gallo, cilantro and onions, then some green salsa for good measure, I headed back to dig in. Oh boy was I surprised at how yummers they were, and yes I took the red salsa too, I’m a complete salsa junkie!! I’m totally in, can’t wait to have another chance to hit Taco Tuesday at The District. I suggest you try it out yourselves!


Shredded beef taco + Chicken taco from El Ranchito

Shredded beef taco + Chicken taco from El Ranchito

Hey it’s Jonai! For a great Taco Tuesday option, I knew Avila’s El Ranchito was a given. This place has great food any day of the week, but their Taco Tuesday definitely impresses. I chose to order two tacos for $6 total – one shredded beef soft taco and one chicken soft taco – and I also indulged in a blended cadillac margarita because no Taco Tuesday is complete without a margarita. The margarita was set at a happy hour price of $6.25, which I was happy with, and the tacos were so delish. I happen to be one of those people who likes a little sprinkle of cheese on my tacos…not everyone is a fan, and it’s such a TINY detail, but it made them even tastier to me. The tacos, the margarita, and the never-ending basket of tortilla chips made me a happy happy camper. If you haven’t been to Avila’s for Taco Tuesday yet, make it next week’s priority! Make sure you ask to sit on the patio for the Taco Tuesday specials! 


tacotuesCat here! Taco Tuesday is arguably the best day of the week so I was so excited to be ‘on the hunt’ for a great Taco Tuesday in Orange this week! When it comes to tacos, I am all about Taco Mesa which is down on Chapman in the same center as In N Out. While not technically in Old Towne Orange, I wanted to include it in this week’s round-up because it’s my go-to! I head over there at least twice a month for their Taco Tuesday because their tacos are delicious & cheap! I’ve also been meaning to try their Burrito Wednesday and Tamale Thursday but that’s for another day! Each taco is only a $1.35 and you have sooo many choices! I usually go for one shredded chicken in a crispy shell with sour cream, cheese & pico de gallo and one carnitas in a soft corn tortilla with cilantro & onions. But they also have al pastor, shredded beef, baja fried fish & even a vegetarian option with black beans, lettuce, sour cream & pico de gallo! If you want more than just tacos, you can also get a cup of scrumptious chicken caldo (soup) for $1.35 or a bowl for $2.75! Talk about a great deal! And like Jonai said, no Taco Tuesday is complete without a margarita and theirs are made with fresh ingredients and priced at only $3! Taco Mesa also has a fantastic salsa bar with spicy, medium & mild salsas, onions, cilantro, shredded cabbage mix, limes, pickled carrots & onions (YUM!) & more! It’s easy to customize your meal to make it exactly how you want it to be! If you haven’t been to Taco Mesa, you should definitely check it out! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.26.33 PM

Wahoos Citrus Slaw Tacos ($2.99 each)


It’s Jillian! I wandered over to Wahoo’s for this week’s taco hunt! Although Wahoo’s doesn’t have a Taco Tuesday special, I thought these delicious tacos still deserved some recognition! When I walked in, I saw a sign for Citrus Slaw Fish Tacos, and I was sold (I usually get the original fish taco). The citrus slaw added a touch of sweetness to my lunch, and it was really the perfect compliment. These tacos are $2.99 each, but they’re packed with goodness and they’re very filling.  One of the things that I love the most about Wahoo’s is the amount of outdoor seating. I love being able to sit outside here with friends, and it has one of the largest patio spaces in the circle. If you’re looking to catch some rays during lunch, this is the place to be!


Taco Tuesday @ Jalapenos

Taco Tuesday @ Jalapenos

Renee Reports: I dropped in at Jalapeno’s for my Taco Tuesday adventure. My buddy & I had lots to choose from on the special Taco Tuesday menu. I chose the carnitas soft tacos & my buddy AJ picked the crunchy shredded beef tacos. I’ve always found Jalapeno’s carnitas to be tasty, and these were classic street tacos – meat, cilantro and lime. The hard-shells came with all the trimmings; tomato, cheese and lettuce. They must be good because my suggestion to swap one for one with my buddy did not fly! It was a delicious and budget-friendly experience approved by not one but two satisfied customers.

Hope you get out next week and hit one of our Taco Tuesday features. We want to hear about your spots too, so please comment down below and tell us where to go!! Follow us on Instagram too, our hunts hit there first!!

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