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Happy Thursday! Is everyone highly caffeinated from our Coffee Hunt Blog last week? I know I am! Woo-hoo! As I was walking around Old Towne Orange this week, I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks as I walked past some of the dessert shops Old Towne sweetly provides us. My mouth was watering just window shopping! With all of the delicious restaurants and quaint antique shops in Old Towne Orange, we couldn’t forget about our sweet, sugary dessert shops as well. That is why this week, after dinner at home, I walked down to the Circle to have a dessert-filled evening! I got to take a break from my healthy New Year’s resolutions because – hey – everything is okay in moderation.

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First I stopped by The Perfect Circle Cupcakery. The Perfect Circle Cupcakery just reopened after their remodel in 2017 and we missed them so much! Here’s a fun piece of Old Towne Orange history: on February 11, 2011, The Perfect Circle Cupcakery WON the Grammy episode of the Food Network’s hit series, “Cupcake Wars.” In addition to serving award-winning cupcakes, they also serve ice cream, and huge cake doughnuts, which is what I tried.


They have many flavors of doughnuts including maple, strawberry, and classic sprinkle, but I went for the blueberry doughnut. After trying it, I can honestly say it is one of the best doughnuts I have ever had. Not only is the doughnut ginormous (it might be close to the size of my head and could be shared with 2-4 people) but it is also a cake doughnut, which I highly prefer to a bread doughnut. I couldn’t recommend enough these awesome doughnuts. But remember: they only make the doughnuts from Thursday through Sunday, so be sure to make it down to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery while the doughnuts are still fresh!

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And tip: Ask for the doughnut to be warmed up! So yummy!

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Next, for my sugary dessert in Old Towne, I walked right down Glassell Street to A La Minute Ice Cream for an even sweeter finish! Directly from the website, A La Minute states, “At à la minute we source fresh local ingredients from surrounding communities to craft our ice cream. Southern California has so many ingredients to offer and we love partnering with local farmers and purveyors to delight your palate.” We love this! You know that when you’re ordering your favorite creamy dessert, you will be getting fresh ingredients too!

Because I had such a sugar overload already, I decided to go with a fruity dessert and get the orange sorbet! The orange sorbet is a non-dairy dessert, but it is still as creamy as ever! The orange sorbet mixture is mixed in a standard mixer with liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen minimizes the size of ice crystals to create a more creamy consistency. The orange sorbet is topped with honey, a naturally sweet pairing.

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After all of this dessert madness, I was happy I had walked, or else I would have been in a food coma! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Lastly, I had to stop by a shop I visited during our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide and missed oh-so much, Haute Sweets Baking Co.  They offer so many treats from candied apples, to macarons and rice-crispy treats!

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I decided to try the s’mores bar, the earl grey macaron and the original chocolate chip cookie, which the employee said was a crowd favorite!

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The macaron had an amazing flavor, reminding me of one of my favorite teas: earl grey. The s’more bar reminded me of coffee cake and had chewy marshmallows on top. Next time, I would love to try the s’mores bar warmed up! Although all of these desserts were delicious, the cookie stood out as my favorite and I will definitely be back for more!

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Thank you to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery, A La Minute Ice Cream, and Haute Sweets Baking Co for the sugar rush! Make sure to visit them the next time you are in Old Towne Orange!

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Have an amazing week everyone and we will see you in Old Towne!

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