Brand New "Historic" House in OTO

 In Old Towne Orange

In the midst of historic architecture and centenarian housing in Old Towne Orange, a brand new house has just been built on the corner of Center and La Veta–a brand new Craftsman-style bungalow! If you missed it, don’t worry. It was designed specifically to fit in with its surroundings and the architectural renderings of its neighbors!

The 640 sq ft building was constructed by Nicholas Builders, which is a design and construction firm located in Old Towne Orange. The firm’s president, Nick Reich, took careful care to adapt existing plans for the building’s construction to meet the stringent specifications of Orange’s Design Review Committee. Consideration of historical accuracy, size, and the matching of style were all considerations that went into the designing and realizing of this new space.

The home features a roomy porch with tapered, square columns and historically appropriate materials such as redwood siding and double-hung windows. Inside the building, there are two bedrooms, a surprisingly open and spacious kitchen and living area, a full bath, and space for an indoor laundry room.

This modern-day historic dwelling belongs to Gary Luke, who also owns the adjacent home, which is a 1917 Craftsman. Luke’s children and grandchildren occupy both residences. If you get the chance to drive by the corner of Center and La Veta, be sure to check out the new abode!

For more information on Nicholas Builders, Inc, click HERE.

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