ABC’s Pilot Hallelujah Being Filmed at Francoli This Week!

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Many of you may have noticed some activity happening in the Plaza today. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the post from the Fastfood Maven about said activity too. I took a little trip down there myself today to see what all the fuss was about and took a few quick pix to share with you. ABC is filming a pilot called Hallelujah and they are currently in the process of transforming our beloved Francoli into the Cracked Kettle Diner. It’s crazy! Take a look at the one shot below of Francoli’s interior. It’s been completely gutted and is in the midst of becoming something altogether new…I can’t wait to head back down and see the transformation.

Info on the upcoming Pilot: The project is set in the town of Hallelujah, Tenn. where the forces of good and evil are exemplified by hard-working, moral diner owner Rye Turner, a family man who has had a run of tragic luck, and his long-time nemesis, corrupt millionaire Del Roman, who is a law unto himself. Del seems to be winning the battle until mysterious newcomer Jared O’Neal arrives in town. Some of the stars include Terry O’Quinn (remember John Locke from “LOST”?), Jesse L. Martin (“Law & Order”), Frances O’Conner (“Cashmere Mafia”) and Arielle Kebbel (“The Vampire Diaries”).

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  • Laura

    What’s going to happen to Francoli!?! Tell me I can still enjoy my delicious Italian cuisine!!!

  • kelly

    You will Laura, just not today. They should be back in business by this weekend!

  • javier reyes

    @laura… omg hahahahha i love your comment. i was laughing to loud.. XD. i dont like that during the night the lights blind you while driving…. 🙁

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