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1888 Center is here!

The 1888 Center is showing contemporary and historical exhibitions so you can learn more about the history of the place we all know and love so much, Old Towne Orange! It's located in the Historic District of Old Towne Orange and has a bookshop, gallery, multi-use performance space, and café.  It'll be open on July 27th…
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A Tale of Two Fountains

I want to thank one of my readers for suggesting that I start writing about the history of Old Towne Orange. I personally know very little about Old Towne's history, so I enlisted a guest blogger,Renee Dallas who runs the OTO Walking Food Tours, to write up some historical tidbits that we could all enjoy reading. I hope you all enjoy this new section of the blog, as always, your comments and suggestions are welcome! The Plaza (also known as “The Circle” to many), and her beloved fountain are one of the best known and loved landmarks in Orange County. Whenever you drive through Old Towne, you’ll see people relaxing by the fountain with kids, pets and taking photos of loved ones. It has become a symbol for the community spirit so noteworthy in Orange.
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