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30 Minutes in OTO: Quick Shopping Spree

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog and thank you so much for reading. We are so grateful to all of the loyal Old Towne Orange readers, sharers, Instagramers, Tweeters, you name it! Thanks for loving Old Towne Orange with us everyday. Remember to send us a Tweet and follow us on Instagram to receive…
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The New Shop on the Block: A Peek in Zae’s Boutique

When we heard about Zae's Boutique opening in Old Towne Orange, we couldn’t be more excited! Amongst the many amazing antique shops and delectable restaurants, having a new boutique on the block was a wonderful addition to the circle. Branching off from their flourishing location in Anaheim Hills, Zae’s Boutique set up shop at 140…
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I Heart on the Hunt: L-O-V-E in OTO

We've got insight into all things Valentine's Day in OTO, from the best spots for Valentine's Day dinner, to lovely gift ideas you can give to your special someone (or to yourself!). Take a look at what we've found...
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