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Summertime Munchies in OTO

Happy Thursday everyone! We love every day in Old Towne Orange, but Thursdays always have the best electric energy. Not only is it almost the weekend - but we post a new blog and send out our newsletter every week (if you aren’t signed up for our weekly email news blast, sign up HERE). With…
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Kicking Off The New Year

Well 2010 was quite a ride for me as it relates to the kick-off of I Heart Old Towne Orange. It's been so much fun and I wanted to share with you all a few thoughts and updates for 2011. First, I am so excited for all that I Heart Old Towne Orange has become, it's such a wonderful community and that's because YOU are such an active part of it. I hope you continue your interest this year, tell more of your friends and help to grow our community throughout the city of Orange and beyond. There's a few things I want to kick off this year and I'd love to get your feedback.
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PJ’s Abbey – A Call to You, Old Towne Orange and Beyond

Many of you have read or heard that our beloved PJ's Abbey is up for sale. I'm sure you all know by now that I am the kind of person that is 'all for change,' but sometimes (more than I'd like to admit to myself) even I sit back and am saddened by what the recent economy has done to us on many, and I mean many, levels. This happens to be one of those instances and what takes it up a notch is that I personally know the Mead Family and can attest to their hearts, and their passion for this community.
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