New Intern taking over!

There's a new Intern taking over at IHOTO!

Hi, my name's Kirsten and I'm the new intern for I Heart. I'm extremely excited to have this chance to show my creativity and passion for writing by learning more about blogging and web designing. I'll be updating you on all of I Heart's social media channels, as well as continuing to create the weekly newsletter.  I love sharing my experiences and look forward to this adventure in writing.




To get to know me a little, I'd have to start by saying I'm a double major in Creative Writing and Literature. I plan to demonstrate a creative and fun side of my writing through this blog. One of my hobbies is photography, so you'll be seeing a lot of posts on Instagram! This will be such a wonderful opportunity for me to bring my writing to life and go public with it.  I'd love to have you there along with me as I grow and adapt as a writer since my aspiration for my future plans is to become a novelist.

I hope to see you around Old Towne Orange while I'm grabbing a bite to eat and taking photos for the blog!

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