Mother’s Day Giveaway: Dizzy Daisy Flower Bouquets


We're doing a special giveaway this week just in time for Mother's Day this Sunday, May 13. From now until Saturday at 12pm, you can enter to win one of three floral arrangements from the Dizzy Daisy Flower Boutique, valued at $35 each! Make your moms and wives feel special this Sunday with the beautiful gift of flowers!

The Dizzy Daisy Flower Boutique is dedicated to creating unique and fabulous floral arrangements. They take pride in every order and look forward to working with every client. Dizzy Daisy Flower Boutique uses only the highest quality flowers and materials in all of their designs. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy their customers with personal attention and artistically designed arrangements, all hand delivered personally to your door. They are a full service flower shop located in Orange County, and are always looking to fulfill any of your floral needs, from everyday arrangements, to weddings, special events, and more! The Dizzy Daisy Flower Boutique is located at 292 S. Tustin St.

We're going to be doing our giveaway a little different this week. We will choose our favorite entry from each of the things listed below, and choose ONE winner from EACH category for a total of three winners!!

Here’s how you can enter to win. You will get 1 entry for each of the things listed:

  • COMMENT on this post sharing what you love most about your mom (or wife, husbands can enter too!)
  • LIKE Dizzy Daisy Flower Boutique on Facebook AND COMMENT on their page about this contest about what you love most about your mom (or wife). Click HERE.
  • Photos were submitted earlier this week and have been posted on Facebook and Pinterest. Go and check out those albums, click on each photo to read what everybody loves most about MOM and LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, REPIN your favorites. To vote on Facebook go HERE and to vote on Pinterest go HERE

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Contest ends Saturday May 12 at noon. Winners will be chosen by me at my discretion. Winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. emily f.

    I adore my mom! The thing I love about her most is that friends come and go, time passes, but my Mom is still my very best friend! She’s seen me through so much. Her friendship and love is unconditional!

  2. Flori

    My moms love for me, my siblings & her grandchildren is unconditional. There is nothing better in this world than a mothers love because there are no stirrings attached. Through the good, bad & the ugly she’s there no matter what.

  3. Amber Julian

    I love that my mom loves me unconditionally !!

  4. Wehaf

    I love that my mom is always there for me!

  5. jena martin

    when all else fails you call mom on the phone …
    she makes everything better . moms always know the best things to say love you so much mom…. im so happy i am a mom now!

  6. Cherie

    I love my mom for teaching me to be a great mom.

  7. Dawn

    I love that my aunt took me when I was 3months as a single parent with two kids of her own that we’re 11 and 12, she took me in no hesitation. I have called her mom all my life and would never change that. She is grandma to my kids and always will be. Without this women I would probably not be here today 🙂 and that is why I love my mommy!!!

  8. kelly

    Beautiful Dawn!

  9. Julia G.

    I love my mom because she always puts others before herself…so giving and selfless.

  10. I love that she is always there for me. No matter what’s going on, I can pick up the phone and give her a call and she calms me down. I love her so much.

  11. Michele Morgan

    My Mom is the best. She raised six children, has 10 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. Even at 87, she still is there for all of us. I am blessed!!

  12. Jennifer Flannery

    I love my mom because of how self sacrificing she is. She has shown me what true unconditional love is in my life & I have been able to pass that on to my own child. My mom always thought of us kids first, with little money she would sacrifice her own needs for ours with new school clothes, etc. Now as an adult & with my own child, she babysits my son while I am at work, I have offered to pay her but she refuses, she says that’s her job as a Grandma. She struggles so hard financially & so do me & my husband but yet, she talks about selling her house just so she can give my sister & I a down payment on a home. This is the kind of amazing woman my mom is.

  13. Marcia Parker

    What I love most about my (step)mom is her passion for making everyone happy. Between my dad, his daughters, and the grandkids, she hardly leaves any time to herself. She goes out of her way to pick the best gifts, cook family dinners, give advice, etc. Did I mention she’s super fun to party with?

  14. Melissa

    I love that my mom is an inspiration. She is going through so much medically, yet she still takes moments to make a day special for my sister and I. There are so many days that she just doesn’t feel like getting out of bed but she does because she wants my sister and I to have beautiful memories with her. She is the strongest woman I know and that’s why I love my mom.

  15. The thing that I love the absolute most about my mom is how hard she has worked her ENTIRE LIFE for me without complaints. I try to return the favor in any way possible.

  16. kelly

    Love all you wonderful comments, keep ’em coming!

  17. karen mclaughlin

    Hi there. I would love to say all the things that are in my head and heart about my Mom and how much she means to me but those thoughts cannot be translated into words. At least into words to do justice to how I feel about her! She has always been the most hard working, sacrificial, loving Mom to our family of 4 kids. She worked night shift for many years as a nurse to be at home with us kids. She encouraged me to become a nurse like her. My day worked 6 days a week, 12 hour days and she was always there for us! I just love that woman! I think Mother’s day is every day. By the way she’ll be 92 this year! Yay Mom!

  18. Julie

    I love that my Mom has always been there for me and my family (as well as all of her childrens families). She is there for support and does not judge. She loves us unconditionally.

  19. KristinaMarie

    My favorite thing about my mom is that she loves to have fun! No matter what is going on in her life, how difficult it is, she loves to goof around and act like a kid. It embarrassed me when I was a teenager, but all my friends thought she was awesome. Now I agree with them. I love you, Mom!

  20. Bri L.

    My mom is so deserving of this giveaway! What I love most about her (and all mommy’s) is their unconditional love. My mom may not have always liked or agreed with everything I did in my last few years on earth; however, she always loved me. She showed me how to put her children and family before herself and which gave me a strong sense of responsibility and family. Our mom’s not only show us unconditional love, but also teach us unconditional love, preparing us to be teachers one day. <3

  21. Tracy B

    My Mom is an amazing woman, and I found our just how amazing over the past few weeks. She was scheduled for knee replacement surgery, which she had and it went well, however there were some complications with the medications and my sister and I “lost” our Mom for a few days. There was a period of time where we weren’t sure if she was going to “come back” and be our Mom again. When I walked into her hospital room and she looked at me and recognized me, we both started crying… we got our Mom back. You truly never really appreciate what you have until you realize that you may lose it. Cherish and love your Mother because of course she deserves it, and let her know on a daily basis how much you love her. I know this close call for my sister and I really brought home how much you have to love and appreciate you Mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. Michelle Ginther

    What I love most about my mom is that she is constantly busy giving of herself and she has tons of friends who give right back because they appreciate her so much. She is retired, but has a busy schedule volunteering at the senior center, meeting friends for birthday lunches, bible study, gardening, cooking, taking painting lessons, spending time with grandkids, and just being an awesome wife, grandmother, mom and my best friend in the whole world.

  23. kelly

    Marcia, you are the winner of the blog comments for the Mother’s Day Giveaway. I’ll send you an email too. Thank you everybody for all of your wonderful comments, mom’s are definitely the BEST!