Mirror Mirror: Beautiful New Consignment Boutique in Old Towne Orange, CA

Have you been to Mirror Mirror yet? I had the pleasure of learning about this new consignment store that opened up a few months back and so I sent my fabulous intern, Richa, off to stop by and check it out! Only about a block from the circle, Mirror Mirror is a store full of new AND consignment clothing for both men and women. Here's the scoop, through Richa's words!


When I first walked in to Mirror Mirror, I was surprised that it had just opened up this year. It's a gorgeous little boutique that seems like it's been built up for a long time now, and it's already so homey and inviting! Everywhere you look, there are different pieces that would fit a variety of fashion desires. They vary from pieces by Betsey Johnson to original local designer's pieces.


DSCN2236-150x150Michele & Lori, Co-Owners

The two owners of the store, Michele Ayala and Lori Blatter, are a perfect fit for each other. The duo have been friends for a while now and recently decided to go into business together, merging their passions:  fashion and people.

Michele is the fashionista whose family always owned traditional retail stores. I asked her why she took the road to consignment and she explained that she loves how people can find original, one-of-a-kind pieces at consignment stores. Buying an item on consignment will assure you that the person down the street isn’t caught sporting your super chic ensemble! Lori on the other hand, is the people-person of this dynamic duo and hence, a perfect match was made. They carry items all the way from Chanel hand bags to low priced original items.

Future plans?

Mirror Mirror plans to host events like trunk shows featuring the work of designers who specifically design for their boutique. For instance, they have their own swim suit and dress designer, how cool is that! But of course, they also have  beautiful consignment items. The store keeps acquiring new lines, and consignors continue bringing in original items, making Mirror Mirror better and better.DSCN2232-300x225

Why put down roots in OTO?

They chose OTO because it, of course, is a wonderful area, and it’s in central orange county. When they first saw the store they automatically fell in love with it! And lucky for us they are so close to the circle, you simply can’t miss the store!

So now that you know there's a new boutique in town, it's time to stop and shop! Be sure to search all of the racks for that new one-of-a-kind piece!

Mirror Mirror is located at 227 East Chapman Ave, Suite B in Old Towne Orange, CA (714)-633-7100.

You can learn more about them on their FACEBOOK page as well!

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  1. Barbara

    I love to hear news about what’s happening in Orange. Could you include addresses of these stores please. Thank you.

  2. kelly

    The address was included, it’s at the end of the post. Thanks!

  3. Consignor

    I’m a consignor with Mirror Mirror Boutique and I just stopped by the boutique today 9/5/2013 to check on my clothing on consignment (approx. 40 items). To my dismay and concern I found the store completely empty and locked up. I talked to the neighbor store and found out Lori Blatter moved out of her store on Saturday 8/31/2013. On Thursday 8/29/2013 I drove by the boutique and saw it open with sidewalk displays. Today, however, the store is empty. As a consignor I was never contacted or given the courtesy to pick up my designer clothing and/or money from the sell of my clothing on consignment. I called Lori’s cell phone today (9/5/13) and a recording says “The person you are calling is not taking calls at this time” and does not give you an option or opportunity to leave a message, it just hangs up on you. Along with other consignors I’m wondering… Where Is My Designer Clothing???!!! I’m VERY disappointed in Lori’s business ethics and practices.