Top 25 Street Fair Tips

oisf-300x258Happy Street Fair Friday y'all. I asked you on Facebook to give me some Street Fair tips that I could share with the crowds and you came through with 82 tips and counting. You can click right HERE to see all of the comments and tips, but below you will find my FAVORITE 25.

Enjoy and have fun...also be nice, be respectful, keep your cool and watch out for little people.

#25 Meg Long get a brawt from the Norwegians! 🙂

#24 Lisa Cope-McMillin Tell people to ride the bus or train!

#23 Donna Inman Brown Don't drink and drive! Get a designated driver!

#22 Marilyn Gregory Go early and leave before it gets TOO crazy in the evenings.

#21 Lisa Cope-McMillin You can take the Metro-link train from Anaheim Stadium (free parking) and it's only about a 5 minute ride; children age 5 and under are free!

#20 Marisol Ortiz dont vandalize our neighborhood!!! last thing i want is to wakeup with a hangover and smell pee in my garden

#19 Real Goods Solar Los Angeles + Orange County Great tips! If you forget sunscreen or shades, we'll have some freebies at our booth on the north side of Chapman, near the English/Dutch/Greek/Swiss entrance. We'll have special goodies for our FB friends, too! Be safe and have fun!

#18 Ana Karen Uriostegui Don't litter be patient be respectful bring hand sanitizer toilet paper (sunscreen) during the day and have fun don't be jerks we all go to have fun 🙂

#17 Sara Drenner Parking is always difficult, as someone who has livd in OTO for 20+ years please be respectful of our neighborhood and if someone puts chairs, signs, etc. in front of there property it is for a REASON!!! Do not move or vandalize. (FYI TO RESIDENTS, PUTTING CHAIRS, SIGNS OR ANYTHING IN FRONT OF THE STREET TO SAVE PARKING IS ILLEGAL, SO CONE AT YOUR OWN RISK OF GETTING A TICKET)

#16 Kristine Emerson Rohm Immanuel Lutheran Preschool is having open houses for the first time during the street fair! Friday, 5-7pm, Saturday, 10am-2pm, and Sunday, 12-2pm. We have a huge playground and the preschool classroom will be open. If you park anywhere on the east side of the plaza we're within walking distance and it will be something fun for the smaller kids to do! (We still have openings for Fall too!) Located at Chapman & Pine.

#15 Erik Johannessen During the peak evening hours, try to leave your strollers at home. Not only is it hard to push through the foot traffic, but people WILL stumble and spill beer on your baby. Use a backpack carrier instead. That is my 2 cents.

#14 Nanette Landstrom Cell phones hardly work, very poor reception due to huge volume of people in one area. {Example: just one text message could take 15-20 mins to send/receive.} :/

#13 Julie Marie Link Be prepared to get beer spilled on you several times, have some random man grab your ass, be pushed a thousand times and lose your kid. If your still smilin' after that, come on down! 🙂

#12 Shelley Congie Faerber Please use the trash cans and the bathrooms... not the streets and parking lots or yards.

#11 Roxanne Soto Locals: if you ride your bike, lock them up at the library. They have lots of bike racks!!

#10 Gabby Rude-e Garland Botts Here's my tip: don't pee on my lawn! Haha, love the street fair, but it always brings out the crazies!

#9 Jami McCoy Ride your bike or walk!

#8 David Gillanders Jr No dogs, you'll be turned away. Please respect everyone who lives in the neighborhood!

#7 Lilia Ramírez Sunblock, water bottle, comfortable shoes, and have a lot of patience. Also, during the day is a great time to take the family versus taking them in the night.

#6 Heidi Schuh Dwyer Park at St.John's parking lot off of Shaffer- All of the money raised is given to the youth ministry department! Plus...St.Johns gives out free water while you walk by!

#5 Cindi Nelson-Brasher We live in the I.E. & take Metrolink train to Orange. You can ride all weekend for $10 I think on the Metrolink ticket machine you hit specials & weekend pass. Only 2 trains back to the IE from Orange 3:55 & 5:30. Have fun!!

#4 Alisha Stuemke Remembering that these people are volunteering their time & holiday to help & serve you so you can have a good time. Please be respectful to those people & not curse, make fun of or cause a scene cuz the food and/or beer booth is closing. Know the times that they close (9pm for beer, 10pm for food). These people are doing this for their community & don't deserve to be treated with disrespect. ENJOY,BE SAFE & DON'T DRINK & DRIVE!

#3 Denice Brewer Solorio Bring small bills and be patient with the crowds - this is a home grown event that's has grown so large over the years! Leave the attitudes at home and just be patient and have fun!!!

#2 Amanda Wortman The best time for families is during the day. Anytime before 6PM. The crowds plus the drinking do not make a good mixture for kids later in the day. I would suggest parking at the Train station and walking the few blocks. Plus you'll be able to get beer from Old Orange Brewing at Ruby's!

And my #1 favorite comment...Joe Moreland Please don't pee in my drive way. But if you must, try not to puke on my sidewalk.

You can see there's a running theme here, especially if you read ALL the comments, but I'll break it down for you:

  • Don't PEE or PUKE in my yard or sidewalk
  • Don't bring kids (especially strollers) after dark, it's scary for kids and parents alike...WAY too many people and many of them drunk
  • Park in one of the paid lots, it'll save you time finding a space and the $$ will go to charity
  • Bring sunscreen, water, small bills and a great attitude!


  1. Nancy Collins

    Those of you who live in Old Town, it is ILLEGAL to put trash cans, cones, etc in front of your house to SAVE parking. These are PUBLIC streets. I know its a pain, but what you are doing is illegal and unfair. If you want to save a space in front of your house, park your own car there. I’ve seen cops ticket people for putting things in the street to block parking. It’s only one weekend.

  2. Great tips, especially the one about going early with kids along. It’s nice that several people mentioned that the booths are manned by volunteers and that the money goes back to the community. Thanks for the post, it was fun to read.

  3. kelly

    Thanks for that info Nancy, I’m going to add it to that one so people know.