1888 Center is here!

The 1888 Center is showing contemporary and historical exhibitions so you can learn more about the history of the place we all know and love so much, Old Towne Orange! It's located in the Historic District of Old Towne Orange and has a bookshop, gallery, multi-use performance space, and café.  It'll be open on July 27th and for the first 4 days, there will be some special events made just for you!

July 27th will be a free event for all, starting at 7 pm - 9 pm. You can see the Exhibition Reception for Literary Destinations which will be featuring eight original works by Orange County artist Chantal deFelice. The collection of paintings highlights the intersection of books, art, and travel while reflecting on each bookstore and its cultural impact on the community. That already sounds so interesting! We're always excited to be surrounded by books.


If that wasn't enough for you, on July 28th you'll be able to watch a live recording of an educational podcast called The Sounds The Stories with EMÆL for $10 starting at 7 pm - 9 pm. The Sounds The Stories is an eclectic music series featuring live performances and entertaining discussions with emerging artists.


July 29th will be hosting another Exhibition Reception going through the Decades of Orange! This is where you can learn more about OTO and get an insight into where it all began. It's another free event and will start at 1 pm - 3 pm. Decades of Orange highlights iconic places in Orange, California. It will feature a collection of photographs from the archives at the Orange Public Library & History Center and in partnership with the Orange Community Historical Society, the exhibition explores the architectural landscape of Orange from the 1880s to the 1980s.


But we're not done yet! On the last day, July 30th, a live recording of an educational podcast The How The Why with Samantha Dunn will be premiering with a $10 fee starting at 7 pm - 9 pm. Samantha Dunn is an editor at Coast Magazine and her debut novel, Failing Paris, was a finalist for the PEN Center Fiction Award. She teaches in the UCLA Extension Writers Program. The How The Why is a half-hour podcast documenting the creative process and the creative purpose.


This sounds fun, right? We're really interested in learning more about OTO and its history while engaging in fun activities! We hope to see you there on any of these days and maybe we can quiz each other on our newly acquired knowledge of OTO! Let us know what your favorite day is and what you learned from going.



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