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Eating in Old Towne Orange. Find out where to go and what to order.

Dinner at Francoli’s, OTO’s Newest Hot Spot

"Well, we finally made it to Francoli's Resturant at it's new location in Orange. We went on a Monday evening and it was already getting crowded at 6pm. They don't take reservations and they do have limited seating, but I came by about 30 minutes before we were meeting our friends and they were kind enough to reserve a table for 6 for me. We definitely got the best table..."
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A Haven in Old Towne Orange

FFor those of you who know Old Towne Orange, you know that it’s been missing something. And that thing is a good pub with good food. Now, I know there’s a bar at Citrus City, as well as Gabby’s, and there’s always good ole’ O’Hara’s and The District Lounge, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a bar where you can hang out and watch a game, or sit at a table and order some great food. Well, that place has arrived, and it’s called Haven Gastropub.
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