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Eating in Old Towne Orange. Find out where to go and what to order.

Ruby’s, and Blue Frog, and Henry’s, Oh My!

I'm sure you're all curious, just like me, about what's happening with a few of these new restaurants that are supposedly opening soon here in Old Towne Orange. I thought you'd appreciate an update. Here's what I know about Ruby's, Henry's, Blue Frog Cafe, and Wahoo's...
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The Bite Market Sets Up Online Shopping!!

The Bite Market just launched their online store. I think this is pretty exciting stuff, especially for those of us who are busy and shop late at night or lazy and just love our computers (I definitely 'heart' my MacBook). Anyway, as The Bite Market picks up awareness by 'us' locals (and hopefully we've been telling ALL our friends about them), I'm happy for this next step of theirs.
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Walking Food Tours in Old Towne Orange

Recently, a couple of gals (Italian sisters actually) started up a Walking Food Tour in Old Towne. The tours take place every Saturday and Sunday from 11-2 and they began back in October. I finally had the opportunity to take the tour myself with my husband and foodie parents in tow. I have to admit, that while I was not skeptical, I was curious about the '3 hour' portion of this program, which I felt was going to be 'feeling' like 3 hours. However, I can tell you right off the bat that those 3 hours fly by.
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Yummy, Yummy Bruxie is the new Dish in Towne!

Well, it took me all of 4 days to finally make it over to Bruxie, the new hot spot in town. I was actually glad I'd waited because with 2 youngsters in tow, waiting a super long time for dinner to be served is just not fun. I have to say that there is some serious buzz going on out there about Bruxie and this crazy idea of waffle sandwiches. Most of the buzz good, some of the buzz not-so-great.
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