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It’s 5 O’Clock in Old Towne Orange

Why hello there, lovers of Old Towne Orange. How're you this week? I gotta say... a gorgeous week like this one deserves some celebration. And what's not to celebrate? The new parking structure is open, our state is being hydrated from all of the recent rain, and there are updated OTO events to attend! This…
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The Battle of Brunch: What’s Your Fave?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I am super excited about this week's blog because it is all about BRUNCH BRUNCH BRUNCH! It is a word that I have been hearing more and more - and something I have been indulging in more and more, too. Brunch (if you don't know) is a…
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Valentine’s Day is here…. And so is Snooze: an AM Eatery!

I'm going to keep it real with all of our readers, okay? So hear me out. You absolutely don't need a Valentine to have an outstanding Valentine's Day. You MIGHT have one - but you don't NEED one, is what I am saying. Valentine's Day is for you and your best friend, you and your…
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