Win Two Free Workout Classes at Longevity in Orange!

Who wants to win a giveaway for a free workout? If you're looking for a way to slim down during this holiday season we have some amazing individual personal training sessions or group classes if that's what you prefer! Enter our giveaway to win these work out classes at Longevity Sport and Fitness Centers!

Longevity is a sport and fitness studio that specializes in training services. They have personal training levels for all ages, intense group training, and then sports performance, which is their most popular class! All of their workouts are designed to intensely work out the body and push the limitations of each individual to improve their physical capabilities. They encourage their members to set timelines to reach their goals and to try and exceed their own expectations. It is a calorie burning, muscle building group work out with high energy and motivation. Their goal is to bring the athlete out of everyone even if they do not think they are one.

A couple of gals from our I Heart Team decided to give this workout a try and here's what they have to say about it!

Megan: I was a bit nervous to try my first workout at Longevity Sport and Fitness Center, but overall it was a great experience! Right when Britt and I arrived, we filled out wavers and were given heart rate monitors to wear throughout the workout. Our trainer let us use whatever weights we were comfortable with and made sure we were always in correct form. We completed a series of high-intensity station workouts including squats, lunges, push-ups, abs and treadmill sprints. The workouts were very challenging but our trainer cheered us on the whole time and pushed us to complete them! I burned over 500 calories in just a one hour workout! If your looking to tone and get in great shape, I highly recommend this Fitness Center. I can definitely feel the soreness from my workout today, but that just means it worked!


Britt: Longevity is awesome! If you’re looking for a fitness center that is going to whip you into shape and show you the results you’ve been looking for, this is the place for you. We went to Longevity for the HIIT (High-intensity interval training) group class at 4pm, and it was amazing! It kicked our butts, but wow, was it a great workout. The fitness coaches were amazing, they kept us pushing ourselves to work out to the best of our abilities, while continuing to keep us motivated the whole time. The intervals they had us doing worked the entire body and were the perfect combination of stop and go. The fitness center itself was really neat. There are so many different machines and tools set up in there that look like they’d be fun to work with. Longevity offers a bunch of different group classes, they also have personal training and sports performance programs. I would definitely recommend signing up for a membership or class here, you won’t regret it.


Take this chance to enter our giveaway to win 2 free classes and get in amazing shape! If you are looking for a work out to kick your butt then enter for the individual personal training sessions. However, if this intimidates you at all, don't worry because you can also do a group session where you can sweat with others!
There are lots of ways to enter and every thing you do gets you one entry, so the more pages you like, comments you make and tweets you share, the more chances to win. Good luck!

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