Something Old, Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Something’s New!

Contributed by: Jonai Winters, Buzz Creator

IMG_3008Something’s new in the Orange Plaza (pardon the pun); it’s a really eclectic new shop called…you guessed it…Something’s New! I walked into the store and could hardly decide where to look first, but in the best way! There were cute clothes to my right, lots of cool kitchenware to my left, and I spotted a really gorgeous jewelry display towards the back of the store.


The place is owned by a dynamic mother-daughter duo with a love of estate sales. It all started when owners Allison and her mother Stacy realized that all the incredible things that they were finding and collecting from estate sales were getting to be a little overwhelming for their rented storage units. Allison had always had a secret dream to open a clothing store, and one day, as she made her way to the Orange Plaza to grab a piece of candy from the Orange Candy Co., she realized that a) Orange Candy Co. was going out of business and b) she had stumbled upon the perfect venue to open the store she’d always wanted. Allison had always loved the small town feel of the Orange Circle, and had lots of great memories from times spent wandering around the Plaza, so she knew that there was no better place to open Something’s New.

IMG_3014When you think of Something’s New, you have to think eclectic. Allison and her mom handpick each item sold in the store, from jewelry to antique luggage to wall clocks to kitchen goods. Allison says that her favorite things in the store tend to be the luggage pieces, which she has found quite a few of in her estate sale hunting. Most of what’s in the store has been rescued from estate sale buyouts except for the clothing, which is all brand new. But because most things are from big buyouts, everything is priced really low – even antique pieces. Allison personally compares the prices of the things she puts in the store with similar items online, and then cuts the price of her items in half! The store is all about keeping prices low so that people want to come back again and again, and so far, she says that strategy has worked amazingly well.
IMG_3006My favorite thing about Something’s New, is that each item in the store has a history of its own, and Allison and Stacy know each one. These two fabulous ladies have even been known to hand craft jewelry, birdhouses, and other fun things out of odds and ends from sales and turn them into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind items that they sell in the store. Allison told me her most recent venture was crafting birdhouses out of old books, which sold like wildfire (I’ll admit I was devastated to hear they’d all been sold…I totally would’ve bought one for myself!).


IMG_3016So what’s the story behind the name? It’s pretty simple! Allison likes to think that you can look at things in two ways; some things in the store are old and some are new, and something old can always be made new again…and there you have it! Something’s New!

Something’s New is located right next to Laurenly at 144 Glassell St. in the Orange Plaza.

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  1. Hi, I was in your store last week. I asked about a piece of furniture and learned about your estate business. I’m not searching for that piece of furniture but…….I am seeking a type of hutch/curio cabinet and writing desk. My condo is beauty and casual. I like the distressed look but I’m not into fancy ornate high end stuff. I love pieces with character. I like lighter color wood too. I can send you a pic of a “type” of style and size of hutch cabinet combo. It has to be small, like the size in pic to fit. Some pieces are so huge for big houses. I will send an example for writing desk too. I am open to many styles, etc. I love character. Both pieces will be in the same room. I can also paint a piece if need be. I liked your store, can tell you are good at finding something if patient. The example will follow, it is from Birch Lane. I like lots of their stuff, just to give ya an idea. I will send the pic once you have received this and reply so you do not receive something out of the blue.

    Thank you!!!!
    Lisa Elesie 951-858-4990 Just moved to South Orange County.

  2. I Heart Intern

    Hi Lisa! I would reach out to the store directly for more information on their pieces. We just write stories about them. Thank you for reading!