The perfect gift for DAD, from OTO

I love, love, love the opportunity to shop around OTO (so rare to find the time) and in this case I shopped for a few ideas for what to get Daddy this Father's Day. I'll keep it brief, I even took a few pictures. I promise to update with more ideas and 'goings on' as I find them. First up is this fabulous vintage Bocce Ball set I found at Summerhill...
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Antique of the Week – Repurposed Wine Racks

I was shopping around on Friday looking for some good ideas for Father's Day gifts when I stumbled upon the most AMAZINGLY gorgeous wine storage racks I've ever seen. It happened that I was in Affaire de Coeur, where I did find a couple of great gift ideas, but I was just blown over by these beautiful works of art and I had to share them with you.
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Small-Town Entrepreneur Faith Fraser Delights us with her Gift Baskets

This story is about Faith. Faith posted something on my Facebook page just before Mother's Day about her business, which is an online website called Gift Baskets of Delight. She was marketing her product with a coupon code and she was 'called out' by another faithful follower for not having her business in OTO. (This by the way is one of the things I love about community, that you all take ownership). It turned out that Faith's business, though online, was home-based in OTO. She grew up here, went to school here, and started her business here. I was intrigued and reached out to her to learn more. I thought it would make a great lifestyle piece for this blog. When I found out that her family owned Rod's Liquor and the Don Jose/Ricardo's chain, I was even more fascinated...
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