Creative Place – Words of Wisdom at Blessings

Blessings. First of all, what a wonderful boutique filled with all sorts of items that might just be perfect for your home. Of course, I wasn't stopping by to shop, just to make a new friend and find out about her favorite things in the store. Which leads me to my second friends. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Blessings' owner, Connie Liles, who you'll find is there waiting to meet you everyday but Monday. If I had to describe Connie in 3 words after only spending 15 minutes with her it would be these: warm, inviting and maternal. I know, you're thinking 'maternal?' But, there's just something motherly about her that I challenge you to 'not' feel.

This is her hands she is trying to 'make' a nest because she can't 'find' them anywhere...I love creative people!

Connie Liles, Owner of Blessings

So, on to the point of this blog which is to feature something creative that you can find in OTO. I asked Connie (and I'll ask any of you shop owners in OTO reading this too, so be ready with your answers), "What is your favorite thing in here?" She pointed to these wonderful black and white signs and said "These!"

These fabulous signs are extraordinarily simple, made of wood and filled with words. Some are words of wisdom, some inspirational and some just quirky randomness. They range in price from $15 - $48. She also informed me that you could customize a sign and have them made much larger on canvases. They are quite literally flying off the shelves. Connie told me that she can't keep them in the store they're so popular, she was even stopped in her doorway bringing one in and it was bought right out of her hands.

She is actually carrying a few things in her boutique that revolve around lettering, which can be fun to use when decorating. In particular are these individual letters that are illustrated differently through typeface or art or symbols. I believe she said there are 3,000 or more varieties of the letters and you can put them together to make your own words and sayings. They retail at $7.25 each.

Another thing I loved were all the paintings on the walls of Blessings which are created by a local OTO artist by the name of Jason Roe, who does Boudoir Painting. His art is fabulously can find out more about him at I took some snapshots of his work to the left. I love discovering local shops using our local resources.

Blessings has been in OTO for 7 years, though they recently (a year-and-a-half ago) moved across the street. They are located at 123 North Glassell and can be found online at

If I've inspired you to visit Blessings, please let Connie know I said hello!

Blessings to you and yours...Kelly


  1. Lesley Keys

    I am so glad that you discovered the wonderful world of Blessings…and the soulful Connie Liles…she is truly a blessing to all who know her!! I love the pics…and the favorites!! Did you get a chance to sit, or should I say, fall into the “Blessings” couch…I have one at home, and not only are they amazing, but the price is awesome too!! Keep it coming Kelly…


  2. Beth

    Connie is a wonderful person. She will help you with decorating idea’s and she offers many wonderful and beautiful decor items in her store.

  3. Connie Liles

    Kelly….. What can I say but thank you so much for the wonderful piece on ‘blessings’. Your words are so thoughtful and kind.
    It truly was my pleasure to meet you and I hope that as you are near us you will stop in. You must meet the other wonderful women that work with me.
    Thank you again. The joy was mine.