Trying New Things This Summer in Old Towne

Hello and happy Thursday everyone! Welcome back to the I Heart Old Towne Orange blog! Thank you for always coming back for the hottest scoop in OTO (summer joke intended). Make sure to tag us in your summer OTO social media posts @IHeartOldTowneOrange on Instagram and @IHeartOTOrange on Twitter.

Throughout the summer, we have brought you blogs about how to start your summer workout routine, summertime munchies, and where to find live music around town. Last week, we shared some of the artistic entrees you can order in OTO. I was just scrolling through that blog and my mouth was watering all over again. Throughout my time living in the City of Orange, I have been able to visit almost every shop, restaurant, and merchant. Exploring our town seems endless, and I love reading your comments to find inspiration of where to try next.

This next series of blog posts will be dedicated to trying new things! I recently talked to a friend that said, "I have lived in Orange for 2 years and JUST visited Orange Home Grown Farmer's Market for the first time!" I had been telling her to check it out for a while, and she couldn't believe she had not gone before. Sometimes, all it takes is one friend to invite you with them or a night out on the town to open your eyes to your new favorite dessert shop, coffee order, or boutique!

This week, I have a challenge for the I Heart Old Towne Orange readers. Whether you live in Orange, or the other side of the country, try something new this week. Push yourself to order something different at your favorite restaurant. Finally, take the dance class you have been wanting to take or order the book on Amazon that has been sitting in your shopping cart for weeks (better yet, go and buy a book at 1888center right here in OTO - they have an amazing selection!!!). I promise, it will open your world to new and exciting energy. Over the next 3 weeks, we will be sharing new things! From our staff's favorite things in Old Towne Orange, to a new summer recipe from the farmer's market, make sure to keep coming back to the blog for all NEW THINGS!

Thank you for reading everyone! Make sure to visit our 2nd featured blog this week: OC Fair Express! We have an exciting sponsor for one of the biggest Orange County events of the year. Have a great weekend and we will see you around towne.


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