Field of Valor Flies Freely in Orange

Even though our two biggest patriotic holidays (Labor Day and Fourth of July) have passed it’s still important to continue remember and honor our troops and veterans. Last year, the Community Foundation of Orange presented the first ever Field of Valor event and it was a smashing success. Due to the overwhelmingly amount of positive feedback and favorable attendance last November, they will be repeating this tribute next month. If you didn’t have the opportunity to experience this heartwarming celebration, you definitely cannot miss it this year!

Starting Sunday, November 6th through Friday, November 11th, the Little League fields at Handy Park will be gallantly streaming with 1776 ‘3X5’ American Flags. They're meant to honor the men and women who are currently serving in the military, those who have proudly served, and the soldiers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The flags will be proudly displayed and waving throughout the park in the City of Orange. If you or anyone you know has a loved one they would like to honor their service, individual flags will be available for purchase with a $35 donation. Each sponsored flag will include a tribute card attached with a ribbon and the serviceman/woman’s name, military rank, and highlighting any metals they've been awarded. Some may touchingly include a special memory written by the contributor. Money raised from these sales will be proudly passed on to our local Veterans, active duty military personnel, and their families.

Built upon the last year success, this year's Flag of Valor will be even more spectacular. By making such an unexpected impact on those in our community, this ceremony brings healing and the opportunity to honor loved ones through sharing stories and memories with fellow attendees. Additionally, an informative Event Tent has been added this year. Groups can gather there and hold meetings while learning more about the American flag's history. There will also be a ‘Visit with a Vet” area along with a special place to write thank you notes that will be given through “A Million Thanks” program. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your kids or organize a class trip to teach them how these men and women honorably serve our nation and preserve our safety and American freedom.

The amount of veterans and families that were impacted by the past event has brought even greater motivation to make this year's celebration just as special and memorable. As you can imagine, preparation and set-up for this tribute commands a tremendous amount of manpower. The Community Foundation of Orange can’t do it alone! There will be an army of volunteers setting up for the event on Sunday November 5th. They will need to also enlist over 200 individuals to assist throughout the entire week. At any time you can become a sponsor, purchase a flag, or become an enlisted volunteer by filling out their form at


Opening Ceremonies will commence on Sunday, November 6th at 1:00 pm. A Flag lowering ceremony will take place each evening at 4:45 pm. The special closing ceremony is appropriately scheduled for Friday, November 11th (Veteran’s Day) at 4:45 pm.

Handy Park is located at 2143 E. Oakmont Avenue in the City of Orange.

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