A Sweet Celebration in OTO

Birthday season is in full swing… and you may be asking yourself what on earth is birthday season?! Well, if it seems like you're celebrating a lot of birthdays lately, it’s true. Late summer and early fall have the highest number of birthdays of the year. That being said, I certainly have many family and friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month, you probably do to! Since I've already started the celebrating, here are my top favorite places to celebrate a birthday (or any occasion that is) with a sweet treat!

I must start with Creative Cakes because they never cease to amaze me. If you need a cake for a special occasion, I highly recommend checking them out. Every time I see one of their new creations I’m left speechless. They make one-of-aunnamed-3-kind masterpieces that are almost too beautiful to eat. The exceptional detail that goes into each and every design is truly like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Creative Cakes will bake a cake just as unique as the special person it’s for. With so many flavor varieties offered the possibilities are endless. If you don’t have a special event or reason to order one of their delicious cakes, we highly recommend going over to their sister store Mead’s Door Cafe for a sweet fix. They make a plethora of sweet treats that you would never guess are vegetarian and vegan, I promise!

If you’re still craving cakes but don’t want to make the full sized commitment then The Perfect Circle Cupcakery is an excellent solution. They even won an episode of the popular TV show Cupcake Wars! Between their 12 flavors, eating just one is not even a remote possibility. If you’re celebrating a birthday with a just few people then tunnamed-4his is a great location to go. Be transported to a 1950’s “Breakfast at Tiffany's” wonderland while being surrounded by black, white, and Tiffany blue decor. If you’re celebrating at a different location consider bringing an assortment of cupcakes for you and your guests. They even offer full event planning services that include custom invitations, confectionary buffets, floral design, photography, and special favors. The Perfect Circle Cupcakery uses nothing but the highest quality ingredients like chocolate from Europe, pure Madagascar vanilla, and fresh citrus zest. Whatever tantalizing variety you select, it’s sure to steal your guest’s hearts, but more importantly their tastebuds!

Cakes are traditional but if you’re looking for something with a unique celebratory twist there are other gourmet pastry options. Just because you’ve been celebrating birthdays with cakes since you were little doesn’t mean you can’t break that custom! A trend that many people have been recently enjoying is creating their own “cakes” out of alternative sweets they like. If one of your favorite treats is candy apples, why not unnamed-6create a birthday display from Candies Apple and Sweets. Whatever themed party you have in mind, they are anxious to create a unique display for you! Perhaps a large assortment of chocolate covered candies would tickle your fancy. How does chocolate dipped cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, frozen bananas, and frozen cheesecakes sound? Yes lickity please! You don’t necessarily need a standard birthday cake to get the celebration started. Simply select your favorite sweets and their team can make it happen!

Whether you're honoring a birthday or maybe just celebrating life (as we all should) consider doing so in OTO! Happy celebrating!


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