Creative Place – Hand-Crafted ‘Tiffany-Like’ Lamps

I was out shopping around today for my Antique of the Week when I came across these absolutely amazing lamps, which look like antiques, but are in fact, brand-new. I found them at George II, which is located on Glassell near Citrus City Grille. Of course, if you've been in George II before then you'll have seen these lamps, but if you haven't then you should go! They come in all sizes, from small bedside to large chandelier-like lamps. Each one is stunning in its detail. A few of my favorites are shown below, but they have so many throughout their store.

The scoop on the lamps is that they are created by an artisan in Ventura County who copies them from original Tiffany lamps, so they are hand-crafted and some are one-of-a-kind! They range in price from around $1,400 - $16,000 (whoa, I know, but the one I saw for $16,000 was one-of-a-kind and ridiculously gorgeous, it's the hanging one shown below and it's a show stopper!)

George II is absolutely amazing, they have so much stuff, you could spend an entire day in there and still not see it all. Much of their inventory is antique furniture, beautifully restored and it comes mainly from England and France, some from Belguim. They have some gorgeous tables, one big round one that I would love to own (if I had a nice dining room to put it in, that is)! The store is made up of 3 buildings, the one you walk in through off Glassell and then one directly behind it, and another next to that in the back. I didn't have a chance to meet the owner Jeff Parris as he is currently shopping in England (jealous!). The store has been in Old Towne for nearly 20 years and has a beautiful wood carved entry that I would love to learn more about one day. The original owner, Bill Kotler (who still does some of the store's buying) owned a well-known antique store in Long Beach called Antique Gallery before moving to Old Towne.

I Heart Old Towne Orange!

George II is located at:  114 N. Glassell, Orange, CA 92866, 714-744-1870

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