NeighborING: Connecting those who need help, with those who can!

Affiliate Partner

Hello everyone! Happy, happy summer. With summer comes pool days, tasty snacks, and lots of forgotten home projects to be finished. Luckily for the citizens of Orange, we have an amazing new affiliate called NeighborING!

NeighborING is all about connecting homeowners and renters with local, background-checked college students who can assist with chores and all around to-dos! NeighborING focuses on non-professional chores such as moving, cleaning, organizing, yard work, small projects, and more! Have you yet to clean out the home office? Have you been meaning to tidy up the yard? Does your apartment need a total cleaning? Do you just need help getting stuff out of the attic? Well then, NeighborING is for you!

On the flip side, are you a college student looking to make a flat hourly rate? This is a great part-time job for any college student looking to connect with the community and make some extra money! NeighborING is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how it works:

  1. The homeowner tells us all about the chore!
  2. The homeowner and college student get connected!
  3. The chore gets done! Payment takes place after the student has arrived and they will accept debit and credit cards on a device where gratuity can also be given.

NeighborING is all about bettering the community, something we totally support in Old Towne Orange. We love our community and love our neighbors! Get NeighborING HERE to support your local college students with gas, tuition, books, housing, food, and more! So far in 2018, over 450 hours of household chores have been completed using NeighborING.

Their mission is: To connect those who need help, with those who can.

Whether you are a homeowner or college student, click here to get started!

NeighborING is an affiliate partner of I Heart Old Towne Orange, so please use our link to book jobs. When you book a job via our link, then you also help to support the I Heart Old Towne Orange platform. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN!


  1. Have you posted this information on the Next Door site? If not, you really should. Just a few days ago a young man posted that he was looking for work before joining the Army in August. He has to turn down some of the offers for work because he got such an overwhelming response.

  2. I Heart Intern

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip!